Villa Mazzotti Biancinelli owned by the Municipality of Chiari, has been the green lung of the town since the early 1900s, when it was built by the Turinese architect Antonio Vandone di Cortemiglia.

The residence was property of the Mazzotti Biancinelli family, known throughout Italy especially for having conceived and started the famous  Mille Miglia vintage car race.

The building, which represents a fine example of Art Nouveau architecture , is characterized by a central square plan with irregular contours, developed around a large atrium covered by a stained-glass skylight.

The main entrance is located on the south side and can be reached directly from the garden thanks to a Botticino marble staircase , flanked by two lateral flights of steps.

Once in, you are charmed by the beauty of the central hall behind which you can admire a huge staircase lit by a stain glass, 3-span window .

The majestic building is surrounded by a huge garden , which extends for 10 hectares and it is bordered by a massive railing which has been recently restored.

Villa Mazzotti Biancinelli plays a significant role in the life of the town, but not only offering leisure opportunities thanks to its amazing grounds, but also hosting major events such as The Microeditoria Book Exihibition and The Chiarissima Wellness Fair . As well as local visitors, these events attract audiences from further afield.